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aTest is a medium-size service supplier providing engineering solutions for the automotive industry and beyond. Our core activities take place in the United Kingdom, however in order to meet our client’s demands we also rely on our lab facility in Poland. The Company is young but it’s growing rapidly from when it was founded in 2016. While benefiting from the direct access to the UK automotive industry we also work closely with our offshore associates. The combination of being local and global at the same time provides our engineers with a unique opportunity to gain international experience and gain a milestone in a truly exceptional and impressive career.


Vison Systems

The capability of providing reliable visual verification is gradually becoming a necessity not only within the automotive industry but also for almost any consumer product development. Evolving from the automation of testing and production processes, vision systems are now an important part of aTest's research and our portfolio of related projects is expected to grow in the near future creating an exceptional opportunity for engineers wanting to follow their passion for Vision Systems.


During infotainment system development user functionality has to be specified and simulated. This helps to resolve many functional issues months before the first prototype vehicle is built and significantly improves the overall development process. Our Simulation Engineers are responsible for driving forward innovative tools and methods used to develop vehicle systems of the future. The best example is the Self Driving Car where each part of these modules can be developed or tested separately. Based on the feedback from virtual sensors and environments created by a team of engineers.


Our Test Engineers support every aspect of the vehicle system integration including: test planning, creating robust design verification methods and maintaining test platforms. With component and system level testing on rigs, lab-cars and prototype vehicles still being the focus of the manual testing process, test automation has become an inevitable part of quality and reliability assurance throughout the automotive industry.

Hardware Design

Being close to one of the world’s most prestigious car manufacturers we understand the specific needs of the automotive industry. Our hardware products are not designed for the mass-market but rather focus on providing specific solutions. Reaching from simple electrical interfaces for data loggers, specialised flashing harness, power hubs, multiplexers, robotic arms, XYZ-positioners, visual recognition/validation tools up to complex test stations for CAN/MOST systems - we approach every project with a "yes we can" attitude and the question that remains is not IF but WHEN.

Vehicle Diagnostics

Within the automotive industry, diagnostics is used throughout the product development process. From vehicle system architecture design, prototype testing, module and system updates to fault finding at the dealerships and garages - diagnostics plays an important role. Every automotive engineer needs to be familiar with diagnostic basics on both - a component and an entire vehicle level.

Test Automation

Our company specialises in testing. Test automation is the next logical step and it’s a critical part of every engineering development process it also represents the core of our activities. aTest has developed a test automation robot for a leading automotive company which created a perfect challenge for our engineers. New requirements from the automotive industry mean more sophisticated functions are being added to the existing system. This challenge encourages our engineers to reach for solutions from Vision Systems and Simulation areas and incorporate them within the Test Automation process.

Software Download

The typical development cycle for a vehicle is around 3 years. During that time, various suppliers provide the car manufacturer with prototype components of different maturity. When these components are put together to create a prototype vehicle the initial testing flags up a variety of issues. The identified problems are being addressed in the consecutive software drops and the new software must be downloaded to the relevant components. Initial Software Download or Flashing takes place at the suppliers research centres or manufacturing sites. Towards the end of the vehicle’s development cycle this process takes place at the car manufacturer’s sites or even on complete vehicles in transit to the dealerships. Our engineers, equipped with the latest available tools support Software Download activities at all stages. From a component to a vehicle level, from a supplier manufacturing site in Austria through a major car manufacturer’s plant in the UK and even on the ship transporting brand new vehicles to the dealership in Japan - our engineers are ready to Flash any vehicle parts anywhere in the world!

Professional Training

The expertise gained through direct exposure to the lead automotive manufacturers, suppliers and vision systems providers gave us the credibility to deliver the highest standard of technical teaching. Our Automotive Engineering Academy provides comprehensive practical training courses in Self Driving Cars, Vision Systems, Vehicle Diagnostics, Test Automation Techniques, Automotive Networks, Practical Software Engineering and more. We also offer a variety of work placements giving students an opportunity to work on a real-life project within the automotive industry. We can also work with your University (whether in Poland or in the UK) in order to facilitate your Diploma Thesis or PHD project.

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